Monday, 18 January 2010

Post No.2!

pretty impressed with myself for remembering my password :')
right, so i'm half way through my Sixth Form application letter and considering jumping out of my window. Why is it so hard.
Also, talking to the imfamous D.G isn't helping matters, i swear his brains the size of asia, its rediculous!
todays actually been better than i expected, even though mum bailed on the gym -_-
hello fat amie!.

so, everyone's talking about making a big change to kind of, begin a new start, and i think i might do the same. Im not too sure what yet, but i know there's gotta be something drastic i can do. i mean, i got my hips pierced, surely thats a start?
Im thinking contacts and ditching the four-eyes look, but i haven't decided yet.
Actually loving everything at the moment, everyones so happy and right now, appart from school work i actually don't give a toss about anything! i love it.
anyhooo, better get back to the wonderful world of sixth form applications.
fml -_-


Sunday, 17 January 2010

well hello first blog!
ive never done one of these things before so i dont really know what im supposed to be writing. work today was mad, far too much work to do and not enough time D:
school's going to be completely pointless tomorrow too, i can just tell :') aha.
facebook's got too bitchy now and myspace's just a fail, so i thought why not give this a go :).
plan is,
1) post blog
2) make a sandwich
3) fill out sixthform application form and write application letter. fingers crossed.

pretty damn happy with the mock grades n_n.
Biology = A
Chemistry = A*
Physics = A*
History = B & A*
German = B & C
Maths = C (one god damned mark off a B).
Just Phillosophy left now! ;)!

right, sandwich time!